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   I am getting more testimonials from folks that love their new Hogs.  Some are new to the H-D brand and some are die hard scooter trash.  Many of these acknowledge some negative personality traits in their new steeds but are able to look beyond them and say that they are pleased with the bikes overall.

really enjoyed reading your site, a lot of good information. I bought a 2007 ultra in August and I love the bike overall. Having said that, I am a little unhappy with the heat on my right leg. There is a guy that usually parks right next to me at work with an 03 Ultra that also complains about the same heat problem. Is this really a problem with the 07 is is it as the guy with the last e-mail on your page says a result of the fairings, bags, etc? I am not sure, I wish the guy would trade bikes with me for a few minutes and I could tell.  Hard for me to understand how removing the lowers and other stuff would help when stopped in traffic, but next summer I will try it.
As for the tranny noise, I have to wonder if it is real (or if it is a problem I don't have). The only issue I have is that when the bike is in 5th or 6th and I am right at or under 2000 rpm I get some noise that I think is coming from the motor, sounds like it is lugging. I don't have the "rocks in a can" sound and I haven't heard any whining. I am a retired navy engine room guy and I am pretty sensitive to abnormal noise in equipment and I haven't heard anything that alarmed me. The only issue I have had with the bike is a slight hesitation shortly after I take off, it happens in about the same place everyday, I roll on the throttle on an on ramp and the bike coughs once and then rolls on. The service guy says there are 2 different warm up modes (he called it hot and cold idle) and said that I was in all likelihood hitting it just as it shifted modes. Seemed a little weird to me but it doesn't seem to be a problem.
As for the mods people are doing to the bikes, I am fearful of warranty issues, I sure don't want to do something that will void the warranty. I have have read that there are people who have changed the air filter, pipes and added the SERT and had no issues with the dealer who did the work, but then had a problem away from home and the warranty was voided. I talked to our service guy about this and adding a PC or SERT and then taking it off if I had a problem he told me he wasn't sure if the ECM would retain the map or traces of it (I have a mercury outboard and one of the things they require if the motor fails is that the ECM be returned to the factory and they download the history or something to be sure the motor wasn't messed with, does HD do the same thing?)
Once again thanks for the site. Oh yeah this is my 5th Harley (2 sportsters, a dyna and a low rider in the past).
Interesting site, yes everyone has experienced the heat problem. I live in Florida so it is hot!
I had the heat management download down under warranty and it did help some. I too am thinking of new pipes. V & H tru duals. What pipes did you put on and other changes did you do?
Dealer quoted me about $2000 for header pipes, mufflers and fuel pac? I think.
Other than heat really have had no problems. previously rode a V Star. The Ultra is a awesome bike!  look forward to hearing from you.


Read, well, actually still reading, your experiences with the 2007 Road King. While you did drop $1400 for the Race Tuner, mufflers, air intake and tuning, you really only needed to do the Race Tuner and tuning to solve the problem, the mufflers and intake were not necessary to correct the problem, but they add to the performance. If I had to do it, I definitely would have gone the full route, I just wanted to point that out to you.

On the other end of the spectrum, my friend bought an '07 Road King. Since then he has installed the SE air intake and Sampson Ovals. No remapping, no race tuner, nothing, and his bike is running fine. We even put it on a dyno to see what his AFR was, and he's fine.

The 2007 Heat Management System only works when the bike in stopped, at idle and the clutch disengaged or the bike in neutral and the head temp reaches a certain point.


     Here are some more folks that understand the problems but are still willing to take the risk.  I totally understand these folks.  For some nothing will do but a Harley and they will probably have fixing their brand new bikes figured into the budget.


Thank you for the website!!  Four friends and I are going to order bikes in Jan.  for a spring delevery, we have already talked to the dealer and were told to wait until then to get more for trade-in on our old bikes.  We all put in at least 5000 miles a year with atleast one big trip a summer and will not be saticefide with hot poor running bikes. We will still probably still buy bikes, but atleast we will be informed on what to ask when we order the bikes and hopfuly get a deal on the stage 1 kit to fix the problem.

Keep us posted as we will keep checking your website for future updates on your (and other peoples) problems.

Thanks again,



I purchased a 2007 Street Glide as soon as they hit the dealers and could not be happier. I traded in my '05 Road King.  I have not had a single problem with this bike. I have 3000 trouble free miles on it. I have no surge, no tranny whine and no excessive heat.  I have an oil temp guage on the bike and it runs about the same temps as my previoius Road King and my wife's current Road King. It may be a few degrees hotter but that is about it.

D. F-G

     If you want to read lots more stories about folks that are happy with their 2007's then follow this link.  Apparently not all of the 2007's have problems.  If some are overheating and some are not then how can the overheating not be an issue?  If some bikes are not making any noise in the transmission then how can there not be something wrong with the ones that are?  I can't get my mind around this...


If you are happy with your 2007 H-D please be sure and drop me a line.  I want to present every side to this story.  Once again; if you have something to add, good or bad, email me at biners@crowderinc.com


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